Mail Order Packaging Design Matters

Naturally Custom Buttons
Naturally Custom Buttons


There are a number of creative ways that packaging can influence a brand’s reputation without increasing costs!  Certain brands dominate e-commerce with their online sales but the order doesn’t end with the checkout.  How do your packages usually come?  Are the boxes printed, reused, plane?  Do you even notice what they look like, or just tear them open like a child on their birthday?  With packaging design there are two questions that should be examined, is there a relationship between the brand and the packaging in the marketing of the product?  And what roles do branding and packaging have in the marketing of a product.  Olanrewaju Makinde Hassan found conclusive evidence of a strong relationship between the branding and packaging of a product, and the marketing of a product.  Suggesting that a well branded and packaged product emphasizes attractiveness and marketability to attract consumers to the packaging naturally without necessarily divulging the content of their products (2015).

Branding a package is one thing but there are more ways to engage with audiences after they make a purchase and it begins with the packaging.  Successful strategies have included QR codes on thank you letters and encourage fans to upload photos of their products to social networks while tagging the brand in the photo.  Lootcrate’s packaging design empowers the brands image and provides consumers with a community of social engagement every month.  Just using the white space on your packaging to draw users to a website is a solid start, try having a stamp made with just your logo and web address.

My professional opinion is that a brand’s packaging should be reminiscent of that brand’s values.  As a die hard sustainable company Naturally Custom uses whatever cardboard boxes we can with inserts that we cut, in the end the product is ready for display on delivery.  Every order is empowered with a unique handwritten letter of gratitude and if you missed it here is a shout out to everyone who made the last few years the best of our lives, THANK YOU!  By the end of the online shopping experience its the packaging that can greatly influence customers to share their satisfaction.  If you’re looking for some neat ideas on how to spruce up your packaging check out some of the sources I listed below:


Hassan, O. M. 2015. In An Assessment of the Role of Branding and Packaging in the Product Market.  From  Retrieved on June 7, 2015.


One thought on “Mail Order Packaging Design Matters

  1. I think packaging is extremely important. To most women, a gift from Tiffany & Co. is evident before unwrapping. The Tiffany blue is unmistakable. Men likely feel the same with a Louis Vuitton package. That is not to say that all nice packaging is high end personal items, but these are but a few that are very unique. I own a small pizza shop. Although they are more expensive, I insist on having customized boxes with my brand logo prominently displayed. When someone gets one of my pizzas at work, other employees see the box. It’s generates conversation about the product, and I think that’s what’s important. “All startups want to achieve the instantly recognizable status of Apple and Tiffany & Co., and that type of brand power starts with a product’s packaging” (Conran, 2015)

    Joshua, C. (2015). Why Your Product’s Packaging Is as Important as the Product Itself. Retrieved June 14, 2015, from

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